Is TuneCrank free?

Is TuneCrank a record label?

Why did you make TuneCrank?
Because there are loads of GREAT tunes out there, but surprisingly they’re pretty hard to find.

How many tunes am I allowed to upload?
As many as you like.

What’s the CrankRank?
It’s a ranking system based on the number of votes and plays a song gets.

What are Tunes on Fire?
On TuneCrank, a tune catches fire after having been played and liked a lot in the three week span right after it's been uploaded.

Can’t I just click play 1000 times and get to the top right away?
Yeah you can, but (a) it'll take a long time and (b) TuneCrank reserves the right to delete tunes and/or profiles and/or accounts upon detection of abuse.

Can I advertise on your site?
Unfortunately, TuneCrank is commercial-free at the moment.

I play in a polka/metal band. Is that too weird for TuneCrank?
No genre is too weird for TuneCrank. A great tune is a great tune.

I love Christina Aguilera. Can I post her tunes on TuneCrank?
Yes, but you’ll need her permission first.

I love tune #3 on the CrankRank! Can I download it?
You’ll have to check out the artist’s page to see where you might get a copy. If that info isn’t available you can always contact the artist - they’ll probably be happy to help you out. Plus it’s always nice to talk to a fan/artist directly.

I have a question this FAQ has not addressed.
By all means send us an email!